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That is where your customers are! Your target markets - male, female, young and old — are now spending time online that they once devoted to traditional media like magazines, newspapers, TV and radio. According to a recent Gallop Poll, 48% of Americans are now frequent internet users, spending an hour or more per day; this is up from 26% in 2002. Those making $75,000 or more, post-graduates, and those under age 30 are the most frequent users with more than 6 in 10 of each group saying they use the Internet more than one hour per day.


With almost half of all Americans being frequent internet users; shouldn’t your company have a solid presence online? We at Andale think so. We love the internet. Internet sites have the following benefits: Brand Lift

A great online presence will act as an ambassador for your company. Your customers will make a positive association with your company if you have a polished website.

Better Targeting

Your website can be directed at your target by geographic location and your specific deomographic.

Real Time Optimization

Your website can provide your customers with up-to-date information about your business.

More Messaging

You can say more on your website than you can with any other conventional marketing.

Is now the right time to invest in a new online marketing campaign? Now is the perfect time! During economic downturns the knee jerk reaction is to cut the advertising budget as a means to protect the bottom line. This reaction will not only hurt your company during the downturn but also slow your companies growth when the economy turns around. The American Business Press reported that during the 1974-75 recession companies that cut their advertising budgets did not fare as well after the recession ended as those who maintained or increased their budgets. The report “How Advertising in Recession Periods Affects Sales” stated that sales increased by 200% two years later for the companies who increased their advertising budgets compared to only a 50% increase for those who reduced their budgets during the recession. People will continue to spend during economic downturns and you need to convince your customers to spend their money on your product or service. In a good economy the market share pie is large enough for companies to have a good size piece. When the pie starts to shrink you need to make sure you are getting a larger portion of the remaining pie. Spending your advertising dollar on an online web presence is going to get you the biggest bang for your buck right now. Take your message to where your target is spending their time – Online!